The Nopa Nordic family consists of Nopa Nordic A/S and Allison A/S, two of the leading companies manufacturing products for personal care, detergents and cleaning products in the Nordic countries. The two companies share the following fundamental values


Green pioneers with a clear stance

A shared ambition to set new standards brought the Nopa Nordic family together

Nopa Nordic is founded by Niels Thostrup
Allison is founded
Nopa Nordic introduces its first ecolabelled product to the market
Optical brighteners are removed from all washing powders
Allison launches its first ECOCERT product
Allison moves its factory to new modern facilities
Nopa Nordic’s export trade reaches 70%
Nopa Nordic opens a subsidiary in Sweden
Nopa Nordic opens a subsidiary in Germany
Nopa Nordic acquires Allison


Traceability and quality control

Together, Nopa Nordic and Allison create new synergies for their customers, improving versatility and competitive strength. Their shared focus on safety also ensures extensive and highly effective quality control, reliable delivery and full traceability.

The term ‘safety’ also implies a duty to provide customers with regular updates and information, extending far beyond thorough documentation of production.

Consequently, it is customary practice to provide customers interested in learning more about their markets with information about developments, trends and consumer behaviour that may have an impact on their products and sales.


Market leader on the eco-frontline

Nopa Nordic and Allison occupy a unique position within ecolabelling, organics and sustainable production. Both companies are market leaders, thanks to their comprehensive portfolios of green products and unrivalled expertise and knowhow in the field.

Due to their green profile, the companies only use environmentally friendly and certified ingredients in their products. They also develop new, often prizewinning, organic and vegan products together with customers and certification bodies.

Their environmental profiles incorporate goals to achieve fully sustainable production, phase out all non-organic products and ensure that they maintain the market’s highest environmental standards in the future.


Shared focus on doing things well

Nopa Nordic and Allison agree on what it means to do things well. Consequently, daily activities focus on ensuring that customers receive deliveries at the agreed time and to the agreed quality standard.

But their ambitions don't stop there. Both organisations make a concentrated effort to promote each employee group’s understanding of the concept, instilling awareness that proactive service and collaboration are essential.

Luckily, this shared standpoint rubs off on all processes and is reflected in the companies’ innovative product and packaging designs.

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